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Alternatives to Google Site Search

Google plans to discontinue Site Search:
On April 1, 2017, Google will discontinue sales of the Google Site Search. All new purchases and renewals must take place before this date. Google Site Search will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.
So what next,
No more Google site search. Only Google custom search, free version with ads and lot of restrictions such as no image search, no e-mail support etc. but one possible solution provided by some experts in Google Forums.
Try Google custom search with XML or JSON API:
I didn't tried this method. please comment it, if anyone tried and works.
Check the reply from Google about GSS using XML or JSON API:

If you have implemented GSS using XML or JSON API provided in GSS control panel->Business->XML & JSON page then note these features are specific to GSS only and not available in CSE. Once your GSS gets downgraded to free CSE these XML and JSON API implementation will stop working. However if you want to implement CSE using JSON A…